How To Win Cowbell Mathematics Competition In 2024/2025


Cowbell Mathematics Competition In 2024/2025: If you’re in search of information about the Cowbellpedia Maths Competition Registration Guidelines 2024, the Mathematics Competition 2024, 2024, the Cowbellpedia portal, and more, you’re not the only one.

The Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition registration began on January 1, 2024, and will close on Sunday, March 8, 2024. For detailed registration guidelines and instructions, please continue scrolling down.


Cowbell Mathematics Competition is a yearly math contest presented by Cowbell. It is endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education and supported by the National Examination Council (NECO), the official examination body for Nigerian secondary schools.

Initially consisting of two stages—the Qualifying Examination (a written test in designated centers nationwide) and the TV quiz competition—in 2016, Cowbell unified them under one name: Cowbellpedia. Therefore, the terms Cowbell Mathematics Competition and Cowbellpedia can be used interchangeably, eliminating confusion.

The objective has been and continues to be recognizing and rewarding excellence in mathematics education. The program is implemented in both public and private schools, catering to students aged eight to eighteen. In 2018, the top prize was raised from 1 million to 2 million Nigerian Naira, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Mathematics competition.


After schools complete their registration on, eligible students participate in a national qualifying examination administered by NECO at designated centers. The results are released online on June 1, coinciding with World Milk Day. The top 108 students (54 junior and 54 senior) and their mathematics teachers gather in Lagos for the ultimate prize – the title of Cowbellpedia Future Inventor, awarded to the Best Mathematics Student of the Year.

Important Notice:

The competition registration is STRICTLY ONLINE, and it comes at no cost – Registration is FREE!


Sponsored by Cowbell – Our Milk, your favorite brand, and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, this competition is endorsed by the National Examination Council (NECO)

How To Register

To enter the competition, all schools must complete their registration at:, all the eligible students are expected to write a national qualifying examination, administered by NECO, at designated centers closest to them. Note that results are released online every 1 June, to commemorate World Milk Day

Steps to register for Cowbell Mathematics Competition

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link to register your school
  3. Fill out the form and submit it. Ensure to fill in all required fields.
  4. An email will be sent to the School and Primary contact email addresses provided when filling out the form.
  5. Use the link in the email received to verify the email addresses. The school email address must be verified before you can log in.
  6. Once the school email is verified, log in to the portal using the school email and password used to register.
  7. On successful login, you click on the Add Candidates under Candidate Management.
  8. Fill in the candidate’s information on the form, upload the candidate’s picture, and click the Save Draft button.
  9. You will need to save draft information for 5 candidates before you can submit their registration. If your school is a mixed school, at least 2 of the candidates must be female or you won’t be able to complete the registration.
  10. After creating the draft registration for 5 candidates in a category (junior/senior) button will be shown on the page to “Register junior/senior candidates”. Click the button to complete the registration of candidates for that category.
  11. A confirmation slip will be generated for you to download and will also be mailed to the School, candidate, and parent/guardian email address.
  12. Print this confirmation slip and have it stamped and signed by the school principal.
  13. The confirmation slip will be required for admitting candidates at the examination venue.

How To Win the Cowbell Mathematics Competition

Like every other competition, there are things you must do if you must win

1. Get The Cowbellpedia Mathematics Syllabus

Like JAMB and WAEC, Cowbellpedia should equally have their syllabus, so find out, get a copy, and go through it. It might surprise you to see that some of the topics are those you are conversant with, while others may be kinds of stuff you haven’t come across, this will help you to study broadly. Don’t forget mathematics is a wide and interesting subject to study.

2. Watch Old Videos

The good thing about the Cowbell Mathematics competition is that we watch the annual quiz competition every year, and they keep records of old quizzes on tapes, on social media, and on YouTube, so you can get the videos and go through them.

These videos will be useful in keeping you informed on how their questions are being set, and how they expect you to answer each.

3. Study Intensively 

Getting your hands on the syllabus, and watching old videos is good but what will assure you of winning is the effort you put into studying. Your school can assist by offering special mathematics lessons if you’re representing the school against over forty other schools.

4. Know The Rules

This is as crucial as registration, The Cowbell mathematics competition does not take it lightly with defaulters of rules, so be sure you go through the terms and conditions carefully and follow suit to avoid disqualification.

5. Believe In Yourself

Hey, I know you’re going to face a lot of kids from other schools, whether in the junior or senior secondary category, and some might seem like they’re smarter than you, but that shouldn’t make you cringe. Believe that you are the best, and that’s going to work out for you.

Believe in yourself, and stay positive but don’t fail to study, it’s your other winning tool.

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