How To Win UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition

Win UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition: The UBA Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing education in Sierra Leone through initiatives like the UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition, aiming to uplift and improve educational standards.


Since its inception in 2011, the National Essay Competition (NEC) by the UBA Foundation has served as a platform for pupils and students to enhance their critical and literary thinking, fostering academic growth. Winners are rewarded with scholarship grants and substantial cash prizes.


How To Win The UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition

Winning the UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition requires careful consideration, as it differs significantly from typical school competitions. Treat it seriously, and here are some tips to enhance your chances.

  1. Read The Essay Contest Rules

Don’t rush to begin the essay until you’ve read and understood the rules, this is because most organizers are merciless about any participant that breaks the rules, and the UBA Sierra Leone National Essay Competition may not be an exception.


2. Come Up With Different Essay Ideas


Competitions like this usually have an essay topic or topics, in the condition where you are given multiple topics to choose from, go for the simplest topic that you know you can write unsupervised. If you’re left without a topic and you have to choose, then choose a captivating topic that you can defend.

3. Start With A Hook

This is to captivate your readers and make them want to devour what you’ve written. Starting with a hook keeps your examiner glued to your essay until it gets to the bottom.

4. Use Simple Sentences And Go Straight To The Point

Don’t try to complicate things as if you’re writing a book, it’s an essay, so keep it simple. Use simple vocabulary so you’ll know when to inculcate and where to inculcate it in a sentence. Do not try to impress, so keep it simple and straight to the point.

5. Use Idioms And Adages


To make your essay more interesting, you should include idioms and proverbs, it adds class to your write-up. However, try to avoid purple prose in your essay, it makes it a long, meaningless bluff.

6. The Ending

How you end your essay is another thing to consider when scoring you, so as much as you’ve written a compelling essay, try to make the end like a cliffhanger, this way you have them wanting to get into your head to understand how you think. You can even add rhetoric; it’s a beautiful way to end an essay.

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