Kenya Ports Authority Recruitment 2024/2025 Form Portal

Kenya Ports Authority Recruitment 2023/2024 Form Portal

Kenya Ports Authority Recruitment 2024-The application portal for the KPA recruitment for 2023 is open and taking applications from people who want to work there. Do you want to get a job with Kenya Ports Authority? If so, this article will give you a detailed guide on how to access the KPA recruitment 2023/2024 application form portal, the requirements, how to apply, when the recruitment is likely to start when the deadline is, and also how to fill out a job application.

About Kenya Ports Authority


Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is a state-owned company that is in charge of “maintaining, operating, improving, and regulating all scheduled seaports” along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, especially Kilindini Harbour in Mombasa. The KPA’s main office is near Mbaraki Road in the Mbaraki neighborhood on Mombasa Island, in the city of Mombasa.


Is the KPA hiring for 2024 still going on?

The Kenya Ports Authority recently announced on its website that the application forms are now available. Those who are interested are encouraged to apply before the deadline.

Requirements for KPA Recruitment 2024

All applicants must read the requirements to see if they meet them and can be hired by the KPA.

  • Anyone who wants to work for the KPA must be a native of Kenya, either by being born there or by registering with a valid form of ID, such as a National Identity Number.
  • The applicant must make sure that his or her email address works.
  • It would help if you had a degree in a field related to the job you are applying for. You will have to scan the originals of your current curriculum vitae (CV), a photo of the size of a passport, and other academic credentials.

How to Apply for Kenya Ports Authority Recruitment 2024


Find a job opening that matches your skills and interests. Follow these steps to make a successful application once you’ve found a job in the vacancies section:

  • Go to the KPA e-recruitment application platform
  • When the link opens, click on the button that says “Register.”
  • Type in your information, including your email address, in the space given.
  • After that, go to your email and click on the link sent to you.
  • Now go back to the application site and sign in.
  • Choose the job that’s right for you and then start the application process.
  • Scan and upload all documents and credentials you need.
  • Look over the information you gave, and if everything looks good, click “Submit.”

Tips for Completing a Job Application

Putting in an application for a job is often the first time you meet a potential employer, so you should do your best to make a good impression. When you fill out your job application, there are a few important steps you should take. You must:

  • Use your real name and a business email address.

If you want to get a job, you need a professional email address. Even if the rest of the applicant’s resume shows they are perfect for the job, some employers might not hire them if they have an unprofessional email address.

  • Look over the application for the job.


Even though it seems like an obvious step, many people don’t read the job application. Even if you skimmed the job description before deciding to apply, it is still a good idea to read it to ensure you didn’t miss any important details.

  • Keywords should be on your resume.

Look over the job description and look for words that seem to describe traits, skills, or experiences that the company wants. Use them in your resume and cover letter in a smart way.

  • Make sure your answers are correct.

Grammar and spelling mistakes show an employer that you didn’t care enough to take the time to proofread or that you aren’t good at writing. Most jobs require basic communication skills, so if you don’t take the time to make sure your resume doesn’t have any spelling mistakes, uses the right pronouns, and follows other grammar rules, it could hurt your chances of getting hired.


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