Social Media Recruiting Tips and Strategies


Social Media Recruiting Tips and Strategies

Social media recruiting (also known as social recruiting) uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share job postings, research talent, and network with potential candidates. How to do it.

With the popularity and continued growth of social media, social media recruitment is one of the best ways to spread the word about new entrants, promote company culture, and create familiarity with your organization.


What is social media recruiting?

Social media recruiting allows you to connect directly with people who are actively looking for work. You can also find candidates who are not actively looking for work, but who may be interested in new roles. You can also use social media sites to verify a potential candidate’s professional and academic qualifications and experience.

Advantages of using SNS for recruitment

There are many benefits to using social media platforms to reach out to potential job seekers. The benefits of using SNS for recruitment activities are as follows.

It supports two-way conversation.
Job seekers can have their questions answered quickly and easily in a comfortable and casual environment.

This allows you to share information with a large pool of potential candidates.
Depending on the size of your network and how successful your job is, you can reach thousands of job seekers at once. Current employees can also share posts and endorse candidates in their personal networks.

This gives you insight into the potential candidate’s personality.
Having a casual conversation with the job seeker will give you an idea of ​​their personality and personality before scheduling a phone interview. It helps create a connection with your company’s brand:
As followers interact with your recruiting profile and official company accounts, they quickly become familiar with your organization, values, and company culture.

It helps candidates meet in places such as:
People spend a lot of time on social media. In fact, the average person spends more than five years of her life on social media.

10 tips for social media adoption

Here are some tips for a successful social media recruiting strategy.

1. Determine your business goals

Different social media platforms require different strategies to achieve specific goals. Use the SMART system to identify short-term goals during hiring. By understanding the types of candidates you are looking for and how many you need, you can start the hiring process with the right foundation.

2. Identify the Right Platform

Then choose the right social media platform to help you reach your hiring goals. The platform you choose depends on where the majority of your best candidates spend their time. For example, while some may consider professional networking sites to be the best option, graphic designers and others in similar roles spend more time (and showcase their work) on visual platforms such as Instagram. ).

3. Optimize your hiring and application process

From reaching out to candidates on social media to guiding them through the application process, the entire application process should be easy for candidates. If necessary, review your application process and consider reducing the number of steps between candidate contact and submission.

4. Set up a separate account for recruiting

Personal social media accounts often contain beliefs, opinions, and other information irrelevant to job seekers looking for more information about what it’s like to work for your company. It is Consider creating a separate public account for your recruiting efforts. For example, if you have her personal Twitter account, create her business Twitter account to recruit candidates. These accounts focus solely on the company, including employees, culture, benefits, and other information relevant to the job seeker. 5. Match your online tone to your brand

If you’re posting as a recruiter or through a brand’s recruiting account, keep as much space on the web as possible for your company. Think about what makes your business unique and incorporate those concepts into your social media pages. Make your entire brand instantly recognizable to candidates and consumers when they see your social media pages.

6. Link your post to your company’s official account

When you share a job posting on social media, interested followers will want to research your company, especially if they’re hearing about your organization for the first time. By linking or tagging your company’s official social media accounts in each post, job seekers can learn more about your company, grow your company’s social media followers, and drive hiring.

7. Share photos of your office or event

Usually when someone is considering applying for a job at a company, they want to gather as much information as possible about your culture to make sure it’s the right place for them. Sharing photos of happy hours, team outings, meetings, or everyday office life can help potential applicants determine if they fit your culture. A visual representation of a current employee’s experience helps job seekers introduce themselves in the role, creates excitement, and helps applicants form a stronger connection with the company.

8. Use hashtags

When you use a hashtag in your post, anyone searching for that hashtag on your social network can find your post. Adding relevant hashtags to your posts can help interested job seekers find your content. For example, if you share a link to software engineering jobs in Chicago, you can include hashtags such as softwareengineer, engineeringjobs, chicagotechjobs, techjobs.

9. Publish regularly

Get into the habit of posting several times a week. Maintaining a healthy rhythm shows potential job seekers that you are ready to actively participate in the conversation if they have any questions. The more you post, the more opportunities you have to get in touch with interested candidates.

what to post Try posting blog posts about relevant topics, videos, office photos, infographics, interviews with people at your company, employment opportunities, information about your core values ​​and mission, and all the great benefits and perks you offer. Think about what candidates want to know about your company and create content around that.

10. Be unique

It’s no secret that people respond best to funny social media posts. Be likeable, approachable, open-minded, and — if it fits your brand identity — funny. If your social media recruiting activities are humane, job seekers are more likely to contact you.


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