8 Good Reasons Why You Should Definitely Come to Study in France

8 Good Reasons Why You Should Definitely Come to Study in France

1. Quality of education

France is one of Europe’s most advanced countries and a popular destination for international students. The reason why students come from all over the world is because of the high quality of French education. For example, France offers the opportunity to study management at a world-class business school. Of course, students can also seek out public universities that offer quality education at an affordable cost.


2. French

The second reason why you should choose France as your study destination is the French language. French is her fifth most spoken language in the world, with 300 million speakers. Therefore, studying in France gives you the opportunity to learn another language. It can improve your resume even if it’s free if you’re studying in a public university program. Therefore, if you plan to pursue a career in Europe in the future, you are more likely to enter a European company.

3. Wide range of English programs

French is the official language in France, but we offer over 1,600 English courses for international students. Also, if you are from a non-English speaking country, this is a great opportunity to improve your English. An English degree program also provides the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment and meet international students with different perspectives.


4. A higher education system that meets all student needs

The French higher education system offers a variety of institutions and courses suitable for all students. Students are offered a variety of training options, including: B. Structured work-based learning programs such as initial training (traditional training) or “alternative”. It consists of a substitute for formal university study and work experience at a hiring company.

5. Scholarship

Another reason to study in France is the support students receive from the government as the French government offers many scholarships to international students. However, if you are not eligible for scholarships, there is financial aid offered for accommodation. Also, if you want to work while studying, France is the best choice as French universities encourage you to do an internship while studying to gain practical knowledge.


6. good infrastructure

Another reason to study in France is its highly developed infrastructure. He has one of the best transport systems in Europe and includes high-speed trains that can cut travel times in half. The tram system is also a great way to discover France’s beautiful cities. French students can use the bicycle rental system to explore the city. You can also take advantage of great ticket discounts.

7. French heritage

Culture and history is another reason to study in France, as this gorgeous country has a rich history and culture. Studying in France not only gives you a first-class education, but also gives you knowledge about French culture and history. When it comes to history, France has a lot to offer, from celebrities like Napoleon Bonaparte to world wars. Studying in France allows you to learn a lot and delve deeper into its amazing history. On the other hand, there are countless walks to discover the riches of France.
There are over 40,000 monuments and reserves of her in France. 41 cultural sites designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. 8,000 museums. 2,000 cinemas and about 500 festivals.

8. World-class economic power

France is her third largest economy in Europe and her second largest market with 65 million consumers.  France includes Total (energy), Airbus (aviation); Sanofi (health); LVMH (luxury goods); L’Oréal (cosmetics) and Danone (foods).

9. Gateway to Europe

France is said to be the crossroads of Europe. If you love to travel and think about strolling through the typical European streets, France is definitely for you. If you come to France to study, you will not only discover the beauty of France, but you will also be able to visit her six wonderful neighbors of France, such as England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain. . These countries are just a short distance away to get your weekend off to a great start!


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