7 Slack Communities for Recruiting and Hiring

7 Slack Communities for Recruiting and Hiring

7 Slack Communities for Recruiting and Hiring


An office favorite for instant messaging workers with thoughts that can only be conveyed in Baby Yoda GIFs, celebrate big wins with dancing blob emojis, or take a quick break in your company’s Slack-configured random or cats channels. I take ?

Slack doesn’t just bring laughter to work and keep your inbox cluttered. It’s also a place where you can network, share advice from others in your field, and find suitable candidates for open positions without leaving your desk.


how? In addition to internal communication between employees, the platform includes digital communities dedicated to publicly available topics and interests where members can share knowledge and insights and send direct DMs to each other ( There is also an invitation system. Whether you’re looking for a chat shop with fellow recruiters, finding candidates for hard-to-hire jobs, or streamlining your hiring process, here are seven communities recruiters can join and why. to introduce.

Outside chat: Why Recruiters Should Join Her Slack Community

Even if you don’t have a dedicated hiring team, it’s important to get involved in the hiring community and build strong relationships that lead to your next hire. What better way to make those connections than to join the Slack community?


If she’s not using Slack as a recruiter yet, there are plenty of reasons why she should.


Get real-time advice from experts in the world of HR. Ask questions, request feedback, and share ideas with people who were there. Meet new friends and mentors. Network with like-minded employees who share the same challenges and solutions.

Find and share helpful resources. Make recommendations, share experiences, and discuss industry news and tips.

Find the talent you’re looking for. Post jobs, share candidates with other recruiters, and connect with candidates wherever they are.

Streamline your hiring process. Collaborate on writing job descriptions, arranging interviews (and sharing interview notes), and onboarding new hires.

The best Slack communities for recruiter discussions

For starters, we’ve rounded up the best of her Slack communities where you can meet other people passionate about hiring, learn about the new tools your peers are using, and find the inspiration you need to create a better environment. I was.

1. hack time

Hacking HR is a global community of HR changers where you can chat with people who are passionate about the intersection of the future of work, technology, people and organizations. His primary channels are DiversityandInclusion, HRTech, PeopleAnalytics, and Resources.

2. From staff to staff

No need to attend expensive hiring conferences in faraway cities. HRtoHR is a place for HR professionals to learn from each other in real time by chatting about their best practices, new tools, daily challenges, and more.

3. Folk Geek

With over 8,500 members, People Geeks is the place to talk about workplace culture, find the latest talent analysis, and share candidates, vacancies, articles, and advice. You’ll also find location-based channels in cities around the world, so you can connect with people nearby.

4. People

Join this community to meet talent industry professionals from around the world, share ideas about the changing hiring landscape, and join her recruiting influencers at her AMAs. Channel topics range from cultural tactics to interesting articles to networking (automatically matched with someone else in the channel each month).

5. Resources for people

Join this Slack community of over 10,000 HR leaders to connect and exchange ideas with like-minded HR professionals. Popular channels include talent acquisition, performance management, strategic HR, and HR engineering.

6. Culture Corner

A free his Slack community for HR departments and people who work in them. A great place for HR professionals to network, share advice, ask and answer questions.

7. One Rick

Our free Slack community brings together over 1,000 talent acquisition professionals, from recruiters to program/operations managers to employer brand marketers to discuss HR trends, technology and the latest innovations in hiring. . Conversation topics range from diversity and inclusion to product adoption and university adoption.

You can also use our Slack community to find candidates

Unlike other social he platforms, Slack is pretty quiet when it comes to recruiter activity. This means your outreach is likely to get more engagement than more general procurement channels.We also have a Slack community for almost every role and skill (direct message With thousands of active members available, you’ll never run out of available talent.

Search his Slack community around roles and skills using Slofile, Slack’s database of public groups. Not only will you learn more about these roles and skills, but you’ll also be able to see our members talk about their job search, so you’ll reach out to potential candidates and gain valuable insights for more personal connections. You can know how

For example, if you’re looking for a graphic her designer, you can join a community such as Designer Her Hangouts. Need a seller? Visit Women in Sales.


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