7 Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Great Employees


7 Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Great Employees

Hiring top talent requires creativity and diligence. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to publish your job postings to a wide audience. But to truly connect with qualified candidates and generate excitement about your job and company, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from other employers.

Here are 10 recruiting strategies you can use to instantly attract job seekers, make a memorable first impression of your company, and successfully recruit top candidates.


What is a Recruitment Strategy?

A recruiting strategy is an action plan for successfully identifying, attracting, and hiring the best candidates for open positions. These are basic starting points to help you recruit the job seekers you’re looking for. They range from basic methods such as posting on job boards to more advanced strategies such as using traditional recruitment agencies and creating employee referral programs. You can implement your hiring strategy at every stage of the hiring process.

1. Treat Candidates Like Clients

Whether it’s a phone screening, a video interview, or an in-person interview, a candidate’s first impression of your company is extremely important. It’s important to make them feel as excited to meet them as they are to be considered for the role. One of the best hiring techniques is to treat the interviewee like you would a client.

  • Please respect their time. Always be on time, whether it’s a phone call, video conference, or face-to-face meeting. If you will be late, please let the candidate know as soon as possible.
  • Let’s be hospitable. When candidates show up for an on-site interview, ask them if they want a drink and show them where the bathroom is. Make them feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Make yourself available. Provide potential candidates with your contact information so that they can contact you with any questions or concerns throughout the recruitment process.

2. Use social media

Social media is a great recruiting tool. Social Recruiting allows you to share job postings across your network and foster two-way conversations. Even if they aren’t interested in the position you’re hiring for, chances are they know the right person for you. You can also give potential applicants an insight into your company’s culture by sharing photos and videos of company events, workplaces, and daily office life in line with your employer’s branding.

3. Implementation of an employee referral program

Good people usually make it a habit to surround themselves with other good professionals. Many employees may already be sharing open positions with qualified contacts in their network, but a well-developed employee referral program can help even more employees know who they are. You can encourage them to showcase the best talent they have. Create buzz for your program by incentivizing referrals with bonuses and contests.

4. Write a compelling job description

Writing eye-catching and detailed job descriptions is one of the most important parts of the hiring process. These are  tips you must keep in mind:

  • Make the title as specific as possible. The more specific your title is, the more effectively you can attract the most qualified and interested candidates.
  • Start with a compelling summary. It gives job seekers an exciting overview of the job and company.
  • Add your essentials. Write down your main responsibilities, your hard and soft skills, and your day-to-day activities, and explain how the position fits into your organization.
  • Emphasize your culture. 72% of her job seekers say it’s very or very important to learn more about their culture. Use this opportunity to highlight your values ​​and your people.

5. Use Sponsored Work to Stand Out

With thousands of jobs posted on Indeed every day, the visibility of job postings can decrease over time. One of the best ways to keep your job listings in the spotlight is through sponsored jobs. These paid listings appear more frequently in all relevant search results and do not revert their placement back in search results over time as free job listings do. This can lead to higher-quality applicants. Also, unlocking Instant Match means that Indeed’s list of candidates whose resumes match your job requirements will be available when you pay for the job. Sent immediately.

6. Check resumes published online

Indeed Resume hosts resumes for millions of job seekers from nearly every industry and location. Employers can quickly find candidates by entering job titles and skills, city, state, or zip code. Narrow your results by years of experience, education level, and other criteria. You can also set up resume alerts to receive daily emails with links to new resumes that match the criteria for your desired positions.

7. Consider previous candidates

When hiring for a position, timing and other external factors often result in talented candidates not being hired. If you are looking for a similar position, you should check the resumes of previous applicants. These candidates are already familiar with your company and may have acquired new skills and experience since their last interview.


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