6 Creative Recruiting Ideas


6 Creative Recruiting Ideas

Tired of classic recruiting ideas? Think your current methods aren’t giving you the quality and diversity of candidates you want? Creative recruiting that can help you reach more people Break the routine with these ideas. These methods allow you to showcase your company’s personality and attract the right candidates. Find these unconventional hiring ideas to boost your hiring process.

Advantages of using creative recruitment ideas

Many traditional recruitment ideas are still effective. However, using creative hiring ideas can change things up and complement traditional options. Here are some benefits of experimenting with creative recruiting ideas:

  • Wide range: Many creative hiring ideas reach people who have never heard of your company or who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. Creativity often encourages you to share your job postings, even if others aren’t interested in applying.
  • Reputation as a creative company: You can increase your company’s visibility by standing out with your unique recruiting methods. If your industry relies on creativity, show candidates that you know how to do it right.
  • Better Candidate Match: Show your quirky side with your hiring ideas and you’re more likely to attract people who want to work for a company like yours.
  • stand out: When candidate competition is fierce, creative hiring can help differentiate you from similar companies. Not only will this encourage more people to apply, but these candidates will also be more likely to accept interviews and job offers.

1. showcase your culture

Your company culture sets you apart from all other companies in your niche. Perhaps your corporate culture values ​​diversity and innovation. Make these things easy to find by instilling your company culture through social media, your website, your blog posts, and everything else you do. This makes it easy to find the right type of candidate who appreciates that culture.

2. Create online content

Creating online content makes your company name more recognizable. When someone searches for related content, you may appear in search results. Someone who has never heard of your company might click through to your girlfriend’s website and decide to apply. This is a kind of inbound hiring that draws candidates to you instead of going out and finding them.

Creating a blog on your website gives you complete control over the content you create. People reading your posts are already on your site, making it easier for them to find your career page and encourage them to apply. Guest posts and links to industry blogs and his website can help expand your online reach.

3. Record video

Static career sites can provide the information candidates need, but they are not always attractive. Videos are easier to use and more connected than blocks of text. Candidates can tour your company, learn about some of your employees, and get a better sense of what it’s like to work for you. It’s also flexible because you can share it.

4. Target niche candidates

By attracting businesses to specific niche candidates, you can expand the pool and provide employment to groups that struggle to find work.Examples include military veterans, working mothers, people with disabilities, Includes those who have served time in prison. Create recruitment campaigns that target these groups.

It also helps make the workplace more attractive for these types of candidates. To attract working moms, consider creating spaces for nursing moms to express, help with childcare, and have flexible working arrangements. When trying to attract candidates with disabilities, go beyond minimal accessibility requirements to make the office easily navigable for people with all types of disabilities.

5. Holding online recruitment events

Online recruitment events allow interested candidates to learn more about your company in a relaxed environment. People can participate from home and opt out if they want. Interactive options like Instagram Live allow candidates to ask questions and showcase their personality. You may notice someone you would like to interview at a virtual event. Participants may choose to apply.

6. Schedule an in-person meeting

It’s even more effective to meet interested candidates face-to-face at a meetup held in an office or neutral location. Market it as a recruitment event or host a general industry gathering that can be used for covert recruitment purposes.

For example, you can host a recruitment open house in your office for potential employees to see the facility, meet employees, and ask questions. Both sides can get an idea of ​​whether the candidate is a good match – office potlucks, free training, factory tours, etc. can all be considered.

You can network and meet potential employees by hosting general industry meetups. For example, if you own an architecture firm, you can host a meetup for local architects. It is a stress-free event where you can see the true appearance of people.



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